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About Jamela Marketing Concepts

Jamela Marketing Concepts
comprises a pool of professionals who deliver quality work on a wide range of communication, graphic design, web site design and web application projects. The graphic design and web site development services span all aspects of project work including research, planning, concept, design, execution and application.

Our personnel wealth include exceptionally creative graphic designers some of who have an experience of more than two decades to their credit, a group of website designers, website developers, data-base programmers, e-commerce web developers, brand managers content writers, photographers, prepress work experts and project managers.

JMC can match up with your expectations in conceiving an idea of a logo, a corporate for your company, a brand identity for your offers, product management tasks, web software solutions and a host of other similar things.

Strategic Objectives
To design and source unique branding / promotional solutions - appropriate to the needs of our clients.To ensure that our product range is continually adjusted with the changing needs and trends.

Our Vision
We aim to achieve our vision by: Providing high quality and unique words to our clients. Listening and understanding the client’s needs and continually seeking better ways of doing business. Becoming the premier service provider in corporate branding.